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Arab Crunch: Anas Marawai Founder of a Popular Arabic Android Blog Arrested in Syria, We Demand His Freedom #free

يوليو 9, 2011
Arab Crunch demands Anas’s Freedom:

It was a dream to me, it was a dream to see Arab corrupt tyrants to fall one after the other. However this comes with a price. First my friend Slim Amumu was arrested in Tunisia (now he is a minister) second Wael Ghonim was arrested in Egypt to be released later. Now the turn is for Syria. Anas Marawai founder of popular Arabic android blog Ardroid has been arrested in Syria since 1/7/2011.

I’ve known Anas over 2 years online but we never met face to face, he helped in ArabCrunch fight to end the US sanctions against Syria, and force linkedin to end its blockhead against Syrian users, in which we succeed.

We ask the Syrian authorities to release Anas immediately and I ask ArabCrunch advisor Abdel Salam Haykal to interferer with the Syrian authorities for his immediate release. We hope he is not tortured and goes back to his family safely.

Friends of Anas launched a campaign online to support his release and we urge ArabCrunch readers to support the effort. And if you are a blogger please go ahead and blog demanding his freedom.

Campaign website

Facebook page

On Twitter use the following hashtag:

Hold on Anas there are thousands of people with you.

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